Vaccination & Immunisation Application

Our Vaccine & Immunisation App is the ideal solution for managing centralised mass vaccination programmes, such as the flu or upcoming COVID-19 programmes. Developed in partnership with one of our CCG clients, this digital solution integrates securely with clinical system providers (EMIS Web/SystmOne), enabling practices to complete the administration process for vaccination appointments in under 30 seconds.

How it works

  • Prior to a vaccination appointment, practices use our system to send a web link to each patient via SMS
  • When the patient arrives for their vaccination, they simply click on the link to generate a barcode, which is scanned by the practice using a tablet or smart phone. This link automatically retrieves the patient’s information
  • The clinician administering the vaccine simply selects the batch number and the vaccine location and the information is automatically recorded on the patient’s medical record.

Key features and benefits

The flu vaccination app is an ideal solution for administrating mass vaccinations at locations set up specifically to deliver immunisations at scale

  • Reduces the time needed to administrate vaccinations to under 30 seconds
  • Reduces contact with patients minimising the potential spread of COVID-19
  • Provides practices with the ability to complete vaccination administration off-site via a web browser or tablet
  • Reduces administration burden and saves clinician time
  • Vaccination reports available via the platform
  • Integrates with EMIS Web and SystmOne clinical system providers
  • Improves patient satisfaction by offering a quick and easy experience
  • Complies with security standards set by NHS Digital

Maximise the benefits by integrating with PatientPack®

Our vaccination & immunisation app can be used with or without integration with PatientPack.

Benefits of integrating with PatientPack

Integrating the Substrakt Health vaccination & immunisation app with the complete suite of PatientPack services enables practices to streamline and maximise efficiencies in the complete end to end process of managing vaccines and immunisations – from sending patient invitations to booking appointments, and recording the immunisation on the patient record.

Patient appointment invitations

Our Target messaging solution can send vaccination and immunisation invites to eligible patient groups via targeted SMS campaigns. Appointment reminders sent by PatientPack have been proven to reduce non-attendance for appointments – Did Not Attends (DNAs)

Appointment booking

Patients can book vaccination appointments online via PatientPack

Information capture prior to appointment

PatientPack can request and capture patient consent and answers to the initial vaccination triage questions prior to the vaccination appointment.

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