Our online appointment booking technology and vaccination app can support primary care during the roll-out the COVID-19 vaccinations.

Appointment booking via a secure online form

Our digital form was developed in partnership with a CCG client, and enables patients to request a vaccination appointment simply and securely online. 

The solution captures all necessary demographic details for patients and enables them to choose a suitable date and time for the vaccination at a specific location. The appointment requests are then routed directly to booking teams to process and confirm.

This option can be particularly useful for primary care teams running call centres dedicated to booking vaccination appointments by telephone. Offering the ability to request an appointment online reduces telephone calls to the centres, and pressures on the telephony teams. It also means that teams can process and confirm digital requests at a time suitable for them.

For patients it provides a simple and convenient way for them to book their appointments 24 hours a day.

This solution is available now and can be rapidly deployed for new customers.

Vaccination & Immunisation application

Once booked into an appointment, our application supports any vaccination programme in three key stages:

1 – Pre-appointment communication and preparation – practices can use our software to send out links to patients via SMS in advance of their booked appointment. Each patient’s unique SMS contains their personal QR code, and additional details regarding the appointment – i.e. location, address, etc can be added as needed.

2 – Rapid patient identification – When the patient arrives for their vaccination, they are asked to present their QR code, which is scanned by the location staff using a tablet or smart phone with our application pre-installed. The QR code automatically retrieves the patient’s demographic data, which can be used to validate patient appointment and identity.

3 – Administration and recording of vaccination – When the patient has been successfully identified and vaccine administered, the clinician administering the vaccine simply selects the correct batch number and administration location of the vaccine from drop-down menus within the app. After a final review and confirmation from the clinician that the details are correct, all details of the vaccination administration are automatically recorded on the patient’s medical record.

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