We take security seriously, which is why we have worked to achieve our Cyber Essentials Plus certification – a Government and industry-backed scheme which demonstrates that we have the most important cyber security controls in place.

The CE+ certification process involved a rigorous test of our cyber security systems, with independent cyber security experts carrying out vulnerability tests to check we are protected against hacking and phishing attacks.

This certification is a requirement set for all products offered on the new GP IT Futures Framework, on which we’re proud to be named as an official supplier following a thorough assessment and review of all supplier submissions by NHS Digital.

In January 2020, GP IT Futures replaced the old GP Systems of Choice (GPSoC) framework as the new framework where commissioners buy their GP systems and associated products and services.

Based around a set of open technology and data standards, the framework sets a high bar for suppliers by ensuring that all products will be able to communicate with each other across organisational boundaries.

Over time, these standards will enable all parts of the NHS to become connected, enabling better information for clinicians and better care for patients across care settings.

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