Our solutions optimise the ease of access for patients to find the right care, at the right time through an open digital platform that supports effective localisation and integration as primary care moves to new models of working across NHS and other care services.

The problem we are trying to tackle

We design and develop solutions to help alleviate the issues such as the stretched GP workforce, the increasing cost of care and rising patient demand on the NHS.

Our offerings

Total Triage

Allows GP Practices to triage every patient using telephone and online consultation tools before they make an appointment.

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Digital Patient

PatientPackĀ® is our single online consultation platform to empower patients to take control of their own health.

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Patient Communications

Target is an efficient messaging and campaign tool which enhances direct communication to patients.

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CareHome is our single online consultation platform to improve access to primary care for residents in care homes.

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For Commissioners

Our solutions provide more efficient use of existing resources at a practice, federation or whole population level, including localised and integrated service design to improve workforce efficiency; and integrated two-way messaging to reduce costs of a targeted SMS health campaign. Care navigation, personalised care and easy access to self-management tools improve patient outcomes.

For Clinicians

Our solutions direct and enables appointments to be booked by patients with the most appropriate health care professional while video consultation enables more efficient GP access. Integrated medication ordering and option for centralised service delivery enable savings through reduced administration and medicine optimisation.

For Patients

Our solutions provide an appropriate navigation and easy online booking access to relevant primary care services, prescription ordering, along with key patient health and personal record information. Two-way targeted messaging and tailored lifestyle tracking, including health guide access support better patient self-management.

Looking to make access to healthcare easier?