At Substrakt Health, we are dedicated to supporting the primary care sector in delivering exceptional healthcare to patients. In September 2022, we joined forces with PCN managers, GP federations, and lead commissioners across the 6 PCNs in Rotherham to help enhance access to general practice services.

Together with the ICB, we aimed to create a more standardised and easily understood offer for patients in Rotherham, in line with the network contract DES. In addition to standard services available at a patient’s registered GP surgery, patients can now access 10 extra services – both by phone and in-person – for more convenience and flexibility. Our team worked closely with Rotherham’s hub managers to clearly describe appointment options and effectively manage availability, following embargo rules and ring-fencing appointments within the booking system.

Patients in Rotherham are taking advantage of the enhanced access to general practice services, with 28% booking face-to-face appointments with a GP, and 16% opting for phone consultations. The convenience of speaking with a physiotherapist via phone is also popular, with 19% of all appointments booked for this service. Meanwhile, advanced nurse practitioners are also in demand, with 14% of all appointments booked for phone consultations and 13% for face-to-face appointments. These results are outstanding.

Our collaboration has resulted in a remarkable increase in online appointment availability, with the number of appointments offered per surgery location rising by 35%. More than 300 extended access appointments were made through the app in January 2023 alone. 

We’re proud to play a role in improving access to general practice services in Rotherham and look forward to continuing our efforts to streamline the primary care sector.

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