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PatientPack is a new patient facing platform, that both empowers patients and allows the NHS to transform how it delivers services.

Substrakt Health have developed the application to meet the changing needs of the NHS. We’ve put patient access and empowerment at the heart of our solution.

We developed PatientPack with healthcare providers, to help them meet the ever-increasing demand on their services. PatientPack both provides a single patient point of access for online and physical services, and underpins patient care prevention strategies.

Key Benefits

  • Improves patient access

    By providing appointments, medical records and medication on any web enabled or mobile device

  • Provides tailored personalised guides and content

    Based on an individual patient’s record data and needs

  • Allows equal access to services and content

    Regardless of practice, clinical system, service provider or care setting

  • Reduces existing spend on IT solutions

    To achieve a cost neutral solution for excellent patient facing services

  • Leverages our modular platform

    To prevent vendor lock-in and utilise components for economies of scale


Improving Patient Access

With recent changes within the NHS, increasing patient access to services and their own health data has never been so critical.

PatientPack gives patients real-time access to local health services and their medical records. Patients can manage their appointments, medical record and medication in a unified manner, regardless of the underlying clinical system.

Appointment Booking

Unlike existing patient facing solutions, PatientPack allows patients to book appointments into their registered GP practice, associated federated/hub practices and third party offered services such as community, tertiary or acute services within the wider healthcare economy.

PatientPack offers service access in a consistent and easy to use way. With customisable sign-posting and clinician profiles, PatientPack ensures patients get the most appropriate services straight away.

Other features include appointment reminders, and post appointment “friends and family” test feedback via SMS or push messaging.

Medical Record Access

Informed patients can take greater roles in their healthcare. That’s why PatientPack gives patients access to their:

  • Personal details
  • Current and past medication
  • Problems and conditions
  • Immunisations
  • Allergies and adverse reaction medication

This access supports the current Patient Online, GMS and PMS requirements from NHS England.

Medication Management

A large amount of primary and community care workload is spent supporting patient medication needs. PatientPack helps reduce this burden. With PatientPack, repeat medication requests can be:

  • Made in real-time
  • Made per practice
  • Centralised to resources such as clinical pharmacists

Empowering Patients

Patient empowerment is vital to relieving the current pressures on the NHS. This means making sure patients have the right tools to play a greater role within their healthcare.

PatientPack empowers patients with a range of self-care and management tools. This includes self-help guidance for health and wellbeing, prevention and long term condition management.

Unlike existing products, PatientPack dynamically personalises content around an individual’s health data. This unique approach provides content that’s always relevant, fully personalised, and delivered at the most effective point in time.

Wellbeing and Lifestyle Guidance

PatientPack allows patients to view and track key lifestyle risk factors data. This helps them identify how their lifestyle affects their health, using informative graphs for each factor.

Each risk factor is linked to relevant content, that guides patients to pro- actively reduce the risk to their health.

Personalised Self-Help Guides

PatientPack takes a tailored approach to self-care. Guides and content appear for patients based on their individual coded data, medication and/ or patient demographic information.

Content personalisation can be applied to whole topics, specific articles and even specific text, images and videos.

Each article provides useful resources and sign-posting to book directly into the most appropriate services based on patient needs.

Long Term Condition Management (LTC)

As their illnesses progress, patients with Long Term Conditions (LTC) will see their needs develop. PatientPack enables patients to self-monitor their specific condition as soon as it is coded on their records.

Examples include monitoring key readings and enable potential self- monitoring for conditions like Type 1 & II Diabetes, COPD, CKD, Hypertension and Asthma. This information will be captured and made available alongside their GP medical record, to provide a holistic view of patient health.


Enabling a Digital Revolution

The NHS requires a digital revolution to help sustain and bring UK healthcare into the 21st Century. PatientPack is more than a patient facing application, it is also an enabling platform.

One Platform, Multiple Systems

By providing a single façade to patients, PatientPack hides the current complex and fragmented mix of IT solutions from patients. Over time the existing systems can be consolidated to simplify your IT landscape.

Removes Licence Fees

PatientPack removes existing expensive licence fees in favour of co- development, leveraging the platform for multiple requirements. We aim to make PatientPack cost neutral as early as possible for all clients.

Extended Use

Our platform can be extended for non-patient-facing services such as clinician medical record access, reporting and public health messaging.

Self-Testing Devices

PatientPack supports the integration of self-testing devices into a single patient platform and data source. This removes the interoperability challenges of vendor specific solutions.

Regional Wide Platform

We provide a regional or city wide solution to ensure access and health equality, regardless of provider organisation and care setting boundaries.

PatientPack App Diagram

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