Empowering Patients and Healthcare Providers


PatientPack is a new patient-facing platform, that both empowers patients and allows the NHS to transform how it delivers services.

Key Features

Appointment Booking

Allows patients to book appointments with their registered GP practice and hubs.


Real-time medication requests sent to a practice or a centralised team.

Medical Record

Allows patients to view their full coded medical record linked from clinical systems including EMIS and SystmOne.

Personalised Guides

Patients can see personalised guides based on their coded record.

Design for Accessibility

PatientPack has been tested with visually impaired users and optimised for accessibility.

LTC Management

PatientPack enables patients to self-monitor and graph their specific condition based on their coded record.

Key Benefits

Improved access to services

PatientPack provides a front door for patients to access all digital and physical services, including standard GMS, enhanced and community services.

Automated care navigation

PatientPack sign-posts patients to the right place and supports self-care through tailored, personalised guides and content based on an individual patient’s medical record.

Reduces costs of care

PatientPack helps reduce the overall cost of care by using our platform to deliver care in a streamlined way.

Enabling federated working

Reducing the pressure on practice staff and clinicians, PatientPack allows services to be operated at individual practice, federations or entire population level.

Reducing workload for clinicians

PatientPack eases the workload on clinicians and practice staff, reducing the number of touch points, improving quality and patient safety.

Personalised Experience

PatientPack can be branded in line with your organisation, providing a familiar solution for local patient populations.