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PatientPack is a new patient-facing platform, that both empowers patients and allows the NHS to transform how it delivers services.

Our PatientPack® solution provides key benefits for patients, clinicians and clinical commissions in our mission to provide better healthcare.

Key benefits

For Commissioners

Enables more efficient use of existing resources at a practice, federation or whole population level, including localised and integrated service design to improve workforce efficiency; and integrated two-way messaging to reduce costs of a targeted SMS health campaign. Care navigation, personalised care and easy access to self-management tools improve patient outcomes.

For Clinicians

The system directs and enables appointments to be booked by patients with the most appropriate health care professional while video consultation enables more efficient GP access. Integrated medication ordering and option for centralised service delivery enable savings through reduced administration and medicine optimisation.

For Patients

Providing appropriate navigation and easy online booking access to relevant primary care services, prescription ordering, along with key patient health and personal record information. Two-way targeted messaging and tailored lifestyle tracking, including health guide access support better patient self-management.

Key features


PatientPack enables patients to book appointments across registered GP, associated federated/hub practices and outpatient services. As part of the localisation process, we identify and map individual roles at a practice or ‘hub’ level so that a patient can be signposted to the most appropriate clinician based on their needs, whether a GP, Nurse, Healthcare Assistant or Pharmacist, among others.


Patients can view current, past repeat or acute medication in real-time with the ability to order repeat medication and request any past medication. This includes the potential to support repeat ordering via a practice or centralised ‘hub’ with all actions being captured and recorded back into their primary care record.

Video consultation

PatientPack® can support remote face to face video consultation at a range of levels dependent on defined service model requirements and help reduce non-urgent GP appointments. Our tiered approach to product pricing enables clients the option to evaluate the use of video consultation as part of their service and consider how best to utilise video across their services

Patient Record access

The solution allows unique read and write access to patients’ medical record without the need for workflow or staff interaction, including cross-organisational systems. Patients have access to any conditions/problems with signposting to content for additional guidance. They can also view allergies and immunisations, as well as access test results.

Care navigation

PatientPack guides a patient to identify the right health care professional to contact and/or make an appointment with online. At its simplest, this enables patients to access relevant services available at GP, Hub or pharmacist based on their needs.

Symptom triage

The Symptom Checker uses a unique clinical algorithm enabling accurate identification of a patient’s symptoms to the most appropriate treatment and recognises up to 1,200 presenting complaints, including areas such as mental health.

Personalised Care

Through the App, patients can monitor and track key health and lifestyle metrics, such as weight, BMI, BP and exercise. It supports effective self-management by providing a comprehensive array of self-help guides from general health and well-being, through to specialist long term condition guides for self-access to further reduce GP’s workloads.

Targeted Messaging

Effective appointment reminders and targeted campaigns are crucial to reducing DNA’s, enabling targeted support for specific patient cohorts and communicating key health initiatives. The system supports push notifications and two-way messaging via the App, as well we SMS messaging to patients so that appointment reminders and targeted campaigns are delivered cost-effectively, including the ability to writeback responses to the patient record.

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