Modernising GP Services

PatientPack Video

PatientPack Video is a patient-facing consultation service that allows patients to perform an online consultation with their registered NHS GP, making healthcare accessible faster, from anywhere.

Key Features

PatientPack Video is an easy-to-use solution which supports a “digital first” strategy, whilst reducing physical and administrative touch points at the practice.

PatientPack Video lets patients:

  • Book video appointments with their NHS GP
  • Symptom triage assessment using AI
  • Perform a video consultation on any iOS or Android device

Clinicians can:

  • Can initiate and perform video consultation
  • Invite patients for a call
  • Have a session without any DNAs
  • File the consultation on their designated clinical system
  • Signpost patients to another service
  • Coming soon: consultations are transcribed and translated in real time.

Main Benefits

Enabling NHS organisations to innovate

PatientPack Video helps the NHS to innovate their services and boost the scale of change needed to deliver better outcomes for patients.

Reduce costs of service delivery

The solution reduces face to face appointments, freeing up valuable time and resources. 


Enabling an agile clinical workforce

PatientPack Video works on multiple devices and can be used from any location. It allows doctors to consult patients from a practice, from home or remotely, saving time and improving workforce recruitment.

Reduced DNAs

PatientPack Video helps practices make the best use of clinicians’ time, by removing DNAs via appointment reminders and queuing of patients.