We’re excited to announce the addition of new features to our PatientPack app which make it the most comprehensive and cost-effective set of digital services currently available to GP practices, Federations, Primary Care Networks and Integrated Care Systems from a single provider. Scroll down to see the full feature list for 2021.

The app acts as a digital front door for patients, empowering them to take ownership of their healthcare – enabling them to book appointments, manage their medications, view their health record and access personalised self help information to assist them with managing their own health better. Patients register and login using their NHS login, so they are verified automatically with no interaction with the practice.

There are also a wealth of benefits for administrative and clinical practice staff, with the app offering features designed to streamline processes and drive efficiencies. 

It’s already used by thousands of patients across the country – click here to read our range of case studies detailing the rollout and use of the app by CCGs in areas including Birmingham and Rotherham.

Full PatientPack feature list 2021

We offer Silver and Gold packages.

  • Our Silver package starts from 50p per patient
  • Our Gold package starts from 79p per patient

Silver package discounts are detailed in our brochure available here. For Gold package discounts, please get in touch.

Tailored appointment booking
Our sophisticated appointment booking technology enables practices to allow patients to book online appointments with different practitioner types at GP practices, network hubs and specialist community and outpatient clinics run in primary care  
Repeat prescription requests  
Online ordering of prescriptions for patients and any children  
Self-referral forms  
Enables patients to self-refer into services such as mental health, maternity or speech and language therapy  
Triage Lite
Triage patient requests electronically using an online form  
Automated online symptom checker
Diagnose symptoms and signpost patients to the most appropriate next step in their care pathway  
Service directory
Enables patients and practice staff to search, find and access the right health, community or local service in the area  
Personalised self-care
Tailored feed of self- help content for patients based on information in their health record  
Care plans (coming soon)
Create personalised care plans based on patient-specific health needs. Add goals and integrate prompts to perform assessments  
Care monitoring  (coming soon)
Enable patients to record diagnostic readings, automatically flag abnormal results, workflow readings and automatically code to patient records  
Admin requests
Generate smooth and efficient workflows by enabling patients to send through admin requests via standardised digital forms  
Long term condition (LTC) assessments 
Send planned and ad-hoc LTC assessments for conditions such as asthma, electronically to patient cohorts  
Ad hoc assessments (coming soon)
Generate and send ad hoc assessments to monitor specific conditions such as Cancer  
GP Lite (coming soon)
Provide controlled access to your patient records to any healthcare professional without the need for expensive clinical systems  
Centralised medication ordering
Medication requests from a network of surgeries routed to a central hub  
Vaccination app
Automates the check in and administration of vaccinations (particularly useful for mass vaccination programmes)  
Video consultation
Perform single and multi-disciplinary team video consultations with any patient in your region  
Population messaging
Create and manage mass bulk/batch messaging campaigns to patients using our Target Messaging platform  
Two-way messaging
Send patients information and advice with the ability for them to respond and save/code to the patient record  
Document and image messaging
Securely send and receive digital images and documents. Save/code to patient records  

Customisable technology to meet local requirements

We understand that practice requirements differ, and that’s where our app is different. We work with individual practices to customise the services to meet local requirements.

Bespoke branding

Each new patient-facing app is set-up with personalised branding as standard.

Get in touch

If you would like to hear more about our new packages, discuss discounts or arrange a demo, please email us at info@substrakthealth.com.

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