Patient Communications

Effective patient communications are critical for successful healthcare delivery. Our Target Messaging solution helps CCGs, GP Federations, individual GP Practices engage with their patients via SMS, e-mail or push notifications.

Target Messaging

Target uses intelligent data to target patients by demographics, helping the CCG and practices to deliver powerful and relevant campaigns. It is further a powerful tool to help CCGs and practices reach a better patient uptake on the app. It has the ability to calculate whether a patient has the App or not and sends out push notifications or an SMS.

Key features

SMS, Email and Push message campaigns

You can create your own patient campaigns or approve/change a CCG campaign before it reaches your patients.

Target demographics

Using the SNOMED CT code patient demographics can be targeted more efficiently.

Care navigation

Patients receive an SMS, Email or Push notification which allows them to book directly into services or follow links to self-care resources.

Track campaign spending

You can calculate the costs of a campaign prior to commencing and track the real time spent.

Targeted Messaging

Responses can be sent back to the patient’s record.

Key benefits

  • Reduces DNAs by sending effective appointment reminders
  • Offers the ability for targeted support for specific patient cohorts
  • Helps communicate key health initiatives
  • A cost-effective way to engage with patients
  • Ability to writeback responses to the patient record.

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