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Our Values


All of our solutions are designed to help empower patients, healthcare providers and the NHS as a whole. By doing so, we believe that we can deliver better care to patients within a more sustainable manner.


Create solutions that challenge the status quo and enable transformation of how the NHS, health providers and health professionals deliver services. Furthermore, we believe by using technology, we can breakdown the traditional organisational, services and workforce barriers and challenges to improve our public health system.


When we need to change, we need greater flexibility. Therefore all of our solutions will seek to be modular and flexible so they can continue to evolve rather than become a barrier to such change as we transform the care pathways and operations using them.


We encourage shared ownership of our products and content to reduce the cost of our high-quality solutions and ensure our solutions remain in the public or NHS interests rather than in commercial entities.


No single company nor solution can deliver the excellent public healthcare system we desire. Therefore, we believe in partnering with like-minded organisations and individuals to solve the many challenges that exist with our care system.


All of our solutions will be designed to ensure they are digitally and commercially sustainable for our clients and the NHS whilst not compromising the patient experience and demands.

Can you help us test new designs?

We develop user centred designs which means we're always looking for actual people (like you) who can help us test new interfaces. This can take the form of a face to face session or small user tests sent by email which can be completed online in no time