Onboarding Support Analyst

What are you responsible for?

My main responsibilities are:

  • Onboarding new practices and helping them set up and customise new features when they are released
  • Holding training sessions and webinars
  • Working with practices to make sure they are getting the most out of our products, both for their patients and admin teams at the surgery.

When and why did you join Substrakt Health?

I joined Substrakt Health in 2019 after graduating from university. I initially joined in an administrative capacity but the role quickly expanded. I have a real interest in how digital tech can improve health outcomes for patients so joining Substrakt Health seemed like the perfect fit!

Where did you work/study before?

I graduated from Coventry University with a degree in Public Health and Community Studies.

Tell us about a typical day

What’s exciting about working at Substrakt Health, is that every day is different. As we all know, healthcare is a fast changing environment especially since the pandemic hit. I usually begin the day by assisting any GP practices with urgent issues before moving on to my other responsibilities. You can find me taking on all sorts of tasks from delivering face to face training sessions or online webinars, down to the technical configuration of new features and functionality. 

Is there one thing you’re most proud of to date that you delivered or worked on?

I think the project I am proudest of working on is integrating Covid Clinic Booking via our PatientPack App. I work closely with practices to configure their clinics and get them added to the app. We then work together to send out SMS campaigns to target specific cohorts, where patients are then able to book into the clinics via their smartphones. We know that booking patients into these clinics can be very time consuming for practices, so streamlining this workflow has a great impact on GP practices, as well as making the booking process simple for patients. During the pandemic so much pressure has been placed on NHS staff, so it’s exciting to work on these sorts of projects which have such an impact.

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