In our next meet the team blog, James Nutt shares his experiences as a senior developer at Substrakt Health.

James Nutt

What is your role and what are you responsible for?
As a Senior Developer, I’m responsible for planning and delivering new features, updates and bug fixes with the rest of the team. I help to update and maintain the infrastructure that powers our applications, and ensure that we have the proper monitoring in place to diagnose the errors in our code and aid the Support team in resolving the issues that our users face. I am also responsible for supporting the other members of the team with their work and continued growth, and setting a good example with my own code and work style.

When and why did you join Substrakt Health?
I joined Substrakt Health in June 2019. I wanted the chance to work with a talented, technology-conscious team developing meaningful products.

Where did you work/study before?
I worked at a company building software for job costing and maintenance management for the construction industry. It was a great product and a great team (who I still keep in touch with), but it was time for something new.

Tell us about a typical day
I usually start work at 9, and spend the first 45 minutes catching up on Slack and email and doing light work like code reviews and other calls. At 9:45, the scrum team has a meeting in which we discuss what we’re working on, and gives us a chance to bring up any questions we have for other team members or raise any issues which are preventing us from getting our work done.

The rest of the day, I’ll be writing code or being in meetings about writing code. Quite often, I’ll pair up with a member of the QA team to demonstrate the changes made to a particular feature, if there’s something that’s difficult to test from a user’s perspective.

Is there one thing you are most proud of to date that you delivered or worked on?
Probably a toss-up between joining the company and immediately having the opportunity to do some fairly significant work on the Target messaging platform, or the changes I’ve made to our error monitoring practices which give us a greater visibility into the ways in which our applications can fail.

What do you think are the most innovative projects or tasks that Substrakt Health has delivered to its customers since you have been with the business?

Target Messaging was fun to work on, and as a team we’ve delivered some really innovative stuff like the NHS Login and PatientPack Video.

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