In the next of our series of meet the team blogs, Carl Downing talks about his role as Head of Mobilisation and Client Services at Substrakt Health. 

What are you responsible for?

I’m responsible for the rollout and implementation of our solutions across our customer base, overseeing both the on-boarding and support aspects of the business.

When and why did you join Substrakt Health?

I joined the team in December 2018.

I’m really passionate about helping the NHS move forward in terms of digital transformation, and especially patient facing solutions as I believe this area is key in changing how the NHS operates moving forward.

Where did you work/study before?

I previously worked within GP Practices for 15 years in both IT Manager roles and Practice Manager roles, I have also worked for the clinical systems supplier EMIS and third-party NHS solutions supplier iGPR. I have worked closely either inside the NHS or attached in some way for the past 22 years.

Tell us about a typical day

A typical day for me involves making sure that all of my direct reports have everything they need in place to have a successful day. My normal working day can involve a mix of meetings with various stakeholders both inside and outside of the business. I could also be providing demonstrations of our solutions to potential new customers as well as making sure all of our current customer base is serviced.

Is there one thing you’re most proud of to date that you delivered or worked on?

I’m extremely proud of the relationships that we have built up with our existing customers and how we’re helping to shape a new landscape for the NHS.  It has been great to be able to continue to provide a high level of support and onboarding throughout the pandemic.

What do you think are the most innovative projects or tasks that Substrakt Health has delivered to customers since you have been with the business?

Our recent Vaccination and Immunisation App has proved to be highly successful in what is usually a very intense period for GP practices. Providing them with the ability to completely focus on delivering the vaccinations and not having to worry about the administration part has been extremely valuable.

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