In the next of our series of meet the team blogs, Tom Large, shares more about his role as a developer at Substrakt Health. 

What is your role and what are you responsible for?
As a developer at Substrakt Health, I get the chance to work on so many different things at any one time such as new product features and propositions.

The main thing would be making sure that all apps are running at all times – we have a lot of moving parts so we need to make sure they are all performing at all times.

After this it would be making sure that bugs are being squashed and the patients experience on the app is always being improved! And of course, improving the current apps by adding new features.

When and why did you join Substrakt Health?
I joined Substrakt Health about a year ago now, can’t believe it’s been a year already! At the time the team was growing and there was a lot of exciting projects to work on and the tech behind all of the products is something I really wanted to get into.

It’s also great to see all of the stats from everyone we are helping to have access to healthcare on the move. I also wanted to work in an area where you are helping people and not just creating “another website”.

Where did you work/study before?
I previously worked at a digital agency. There I helped create apps for various organisations and developed websites using WordPress. I always knew I wants to focus on app development. My degree in Graphic Design from Coventry University gave me a real creative eye for UI and Design, so crucial in app development.

Tell us about a typical day
No two days are the same but what is consistent is we have a daily stand up with the scrum team to go over work that is outstanding and new features or bugs that we might be working on today. We also check out the monitoring system for anything that doesn’t look right so we can raise this and get it looked at asap. Throughout the day there is a number of code reviews that we take part in to share the knowledge more and make sure the code that is written is the best it can be!

Is there one thing you are most proud of to date that you delivered or worked on?
I’m most proud of PatientPack Video. This is a product that was developed from the ground up, responding to the challenges around Covid-19, and pressures on GP Practices to reduce face to face interaction. We worked through the challenges as a team and we now have a great product!

What do you think are the most innovative projects or tasks that Substrakt Health has delivered to its customers since you have been with the business?

I would have to say PatientPack Video and Target Messaging. Both were developed in such a short space of time to meet the requirements of CCG’s. It was great to have all of the developers, QA and UI working closer together and getting this into the Patients and CCGs hands!

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