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Medication requests or prescription ordering

PatientPack enables patients to book appointments across their registered GP practice, associated federated/hub practices and outpatient services. At set-up and as part of the localisation process, we identify and map individual roles at a practice or ‘hub’ level so that a patient can be signposted to the most appropriate clinician based on their needs, whether that’s a GP, nurse, healthcare assistant or pharmacist, amongst others.

Patients can view current, past, repeat or acute medication and order prescriptions with all actions captured and recorded back into the patient primary care record.

patient record access

PatientPack’s video consultation technology can help to reduce non-urgent GP appointments. Video consultations are simple to organise. Practices can use the technology to perform both single and multi-disciplinary team video calls with patients.

Patients can see their health record including medications, allergies and test results.

Our Target Messaging solution comes as part of PatientPack suite of products and helps GP Practices engage with their patients via batch/bulk SMS text, email or push notifications which are written back to the patient record. Mass text messaging campaigns are a low cost and low effort way for GPs to keep patients updated, particularly for large scale communications such as flu jab reminders. The technology can also be used to send appointment reminders and to target specific patient cohorts by demographics, helping practices to deliver powerful campaigns and see instant results.

Our digital assessments remove the need for physical or telephone appointments with GPs. Patients complete an online review of their condition before sending through to their GP. Assessments are quickly and easily to send out to groups of patients with a specific health condition (e.g. asthma) cutting vast amounts of time. A library of templates is available or assessments can be customised to meet requirements. 

Significantly reduce practice workloads by enabling patients to self-refer to secondary or community care services via the app. Some of our existing practices have set up forms that provide their patients with the ability to refer into maternity services, speech and language, as well as ear care and physiotherapy services.

service directory

Our service finder tool enables patients to search for local services to fit their needs.  Service listings include sources from national NHS databases as well as local services.

Triage lite

Take the pressure off administrative teams, free up telephone lines and drive efficiencies by digitally navigating patients to the most appropriate service for their needs. Using our online triage, patients can select to submit an admin query, check their symptoms, seek online advice and guidance or self-refer into a service via simple online forms which can be set up and configured to meet each individual practices’ needs.

A simple but really effective feature of our PatientPack app is the ability for patients to send through administration requests, simply and quickly without picking up the phone or attending the practice. Patients can use this feature to inform the practice of updated contact details, request a sick/fit note, query their medication, follow-up on a referral, send a general message to the practice/GP, or send a request to join a patient participation group. These patient requests can be set-up to be routed into practice specific workflows by email, the clinical system or our app.

Through the app, patients can monitor and track key health and lifestyle metrics, such as weight, BMI, BP and exercise. It supports effective self-management by providing. Our intelligent technology uses information on patient records to automatically generate a feed of content specific to the patient’s health conditions. It also automatically generates a feed of information related to any current and recent medication and signposts to specific public health or screening services if they fit the required health criteria. Providing personalised self-care information can support patients to pro-actively manage their health and promotes positive health and wellbeing. 

Ideal functionality for PCNs with centralised medication hubs, this functionality allows all medication requests made through the app from a particular group of practices to be routed through to the central hub for processing.

Bespoke branding

Each new patient-facing app is set-up with personalised branding as standard.

Customisable technology to meet local requirements

We understand that practice requirements differ, and that’s where PatientPack is different. It’s not an ‘off-the shelf’ product; at set-up our dedicated on-boarding team work with individual practices to customise services to meet local requirements.