Digitally enabled care for care homes – a new app

Substrakt Health has developed a new app in collaboration with SDSmyhealthcare to help support a digital future for care homes. The new app has been launched to help CCGs roll out the Enhanced Health in Care Homes service model as set out in the NHS Long Term plan, to be achieved in England by 2024, commencing in 2020.

This reflects an ambition for the NHS to strengthen its support for the people who live and work in and around care homes and recognises how better use of technology can help staff employed by social care providers to offer more proactive care remotely for residents, by phone and video.

As with many Primary Care organisations, GP Practices are facing increased demand from residents in care homes, particularly since the onset of Covid-19. This is resulting in delays for residents receiving care, increased hospital admissions, inefficient use of healthcare resources and pressures on an already stretched workforce.

A pilot with SDS MyHealthcare and 65 care homes in their region using the app found:

  • Fewer callouts of NHS staff to care homes, reducing the risk of the spread of coronavirus
  • Improved medication management
  • Positive feedback from care home staff
  • Streamlined processes with GPs
  • Reduced hospital admissions and use of ambulances


Nirmal Vora, CEO, SDSmyhealthcare, said:

“We understand this is a very difficult time for care homes up and down the country. Due to the coronavirus emergency, many local GPs have been unable to provide their usual support to care home residents, such as ward rounds. “We’ve been very happy to work with our partners to quickly find effective virtual solutions, by embracing new technology.”


The CareHome app key features:

  • Care navigation and triage – Navigates the care home resident to appropriate healthcare resources based on need and for best use of clinician time
  • Medicines management – Access to drug monitoring, medicines reviews, repeat prescriptions, test results and full range of general medical services and updates to MARS charts
  • Access to patient record – Allows unique read and write access to patients’ medical record without the need for workflow or staff interaction.
  • Video consultations – Remote face-to-face video consultation at a range of levels to help reduce non-urgent GP appointments and support.
  • Ability to run virtual ward rounds to allow residents to receive proactive care around their general wellbeing to reduce the need for GPs to visit Care Homes and demand for urgent care services
  • Appointments – Care homes can book appointments for their residents by video or telephone across registered GP’s, associated federated/hub practices and outpatient services.

The CareHome app is giving care home residents access to skilled primary care support and advice they need to deliver proactive care, both now to help reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19 and for the long term to deliver sustainable care. It will also give GP Practices the ability to offer virtual ward rounds where sick patients care can be monitored, medications reviewed, therapies optimised, health/diet queries answered, advanced care plans and MCCD forms can be completed and reviews for non-urgent/chronic conditions can take place.

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Download the CareHome brochure here



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