We’re delighted to report the successful launch of our latest project for Rotherham CCG. 

Rotherham CCG rolled out our PatientPack app, branded as The Rotherham Health App in 2018. It is used by every single GP practice in Rotherham to provide their population of patients with real-time access to local health services and their medical records. Patients can manage their appointments and medication, access their medical record as well as check symptoms, and send through admin requests all via the app.

The app is constantly evolving and since its launch, we have worked with Rotherham CCG to add new features to drive even more efficiencies, reduce the pressures on healthcare organisations, connect healthcare systems and generally improve access to services for their patients. 

And now following our latest release, patients can view their outpatient appointments for a range of secondary care departments at the Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, in addition to all the other app’s features.

With around 7-8% of outpatient appointments at the Trust being missed each month, it’s envisaged that providing appointment details in the app will:

  • Offer a convenient reminder for those who may have lost their appointment letter, reducing ‘did not attends’ (DNAs)
  • Encourage more patients to re-arrange appointments they can’t make by providing them with the details
  • Reduce wait times and backlogs by making use of the time previously wasted on missed appointments

We’re working more and more with our customers integrating and connecting their local primary, secondary and community health and care services to our app – generating efficiencies and cost savings for the NHS, and delivering a more seamless and smooth experience for patients.

If you would like to talk to us about how we can help you please get in touch!

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