CareHome is our single online consultation platform to improve access to primary care for residents in care homes.

The CareHome solution has been proven to help solve the increasing challenges facing GP surgeries to deliver care to residents in care homes by harnessing digital health technology. This supports the Enhanced Health in Care Homes (EHCH) model which aims to improve support for the people who live and work in and around care homes.

Key benefits

  • Navigates the care home resident to the most appropriate healthcare resources based on need
  • Ability to run virtual ward rounds to allow residents to receive proactive care around their general wellbeing
  • Access to drugs monitoring, medicines reviews, repeat prescriptions, test results and full range of general medical services and the ability to update MARS charts
  • Supports effective two-way messaging via App and SMS
  • Secure access to patient record
  • Reduces need for GPs to visit Care Homes and demand for urgent care services
  • Greater efficiency with use of resources and makes best use of clinician time

Key features

CareHome provides a broad range of online capability to deliver a sustainable, digital NHS.

Care navigation

Provides a simple pre-questionnaire template via a symptom checker to signpost residents to the most appropriate care


View current, past repeat or acute medication in real-time with the ability to order repeat medication and request any past medication

Medical Record

Allows unique read and write access to patients’ medical record without the need for workflow or staff interaction.

Video consultation

Remote face-to-face video consultation at a range of levels to help reduce non-urgent GP appointments and support.


Patients can book appointments across registered GP’s, associated federated/hub practices and outpatient services.


SMS reminders and targeted campaigns are delivered, including the ability to writeback to the patient’s record.

Case Study: SDSmyhealthcare - Service transformation for care homes using digital

SDSmyhealthcare is one of the largest GP Federations in England supporting a population of over 440,000.

Read their story here which demonstrates how they are using CareHome to improve access to primary care to care home residents in their region.

View case study

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