About Us

We are an emerging health technology company focused on delivering innovation within the NHS.

Our Story

Founded in 2015, Substrakt Health has grown to provide a range of digital solutions for the NHS with an aim to improve patient experience of digital health whilst transforming how healthcare services are delivered.

Over recent years, breakthrough technology solutions and platforms are used by NHS organisations across the UK to change the way they deliver care to patients. In partnership with our customers, we have developed and delivered a range of patient-facing solutions that support providers to deliver primary and community care at scale, whilst protecting and sustaining the quality and public independence of the NHS.

We are committed to transforming the patients’ and clinicians’ experience within primary care in the NHS and would love for you to join us as partners on this important mission.

What makes us different


We empower CCGs, GP federations and individual practices as part of our federated strategy. By doing so, we believe that we can deliver better care to patients in a more sustainable manner.


Collaboration is an essence of our DNA. Therefore, we believe in partnering with like-minded organisations and individuals to solve the many challenges that exist with our care system.


We create solutions that challenge the status quo and enable a transformation of how the NHS, health providers and health professionals deliver their services.


Our solutions are digitally and commercially sustainable without compromising the patient’s experience, aiming to modernise the way primary care is delivered.


To make change happen, we need to adapt with greater flexibility. Therefore all of our solutions will seek to be modular and flexible so our solutions continue to evolve rather than become a barrier to such change.


At our heart, we are committed to constant innovation, as it helps provide solutions that underpin the highest quality healthcare possible. This is why we innovate in every product development, customer engagement and project we embark on.

Our Team

Our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations by designing innovative experiences that shape, transform and innovate the future of (digital) health care.  

Carl Downing

Customer Onboarding Lead

Andy Hartwell

Operations Director

Steve Heyes

Senior Developer

Tom Large


Sonya Parmar

QA Analyst

Darren Scothern

Commercial and Mobilisation Lead

Jordan Simpson

Product Designer (UX/UI)

Miriam Stevens

Support Test Analyst

Ash Vora

Managing Director

Maria Walschikow

Operational Support Analyst

Sarah Wilkins

QA Analyst

Max Woolf

Senior Developer

Who we work with