About Us

A digital technology team with expertise in creating configurable and easy to use websites and applications to deliver an effective online consultation platform for the NHS.

Our Story

Founded in 2015, Substrakt Health has grown to provide a range of digital solutions for the NHS with an aim to improve patient experience of digital health whilst transforming how healthcare services are delivered.

Our passion is to improve healthcare delivery for patients and clinicians alike. We focus on creating collaborative and effective partnerships to best solve the biggest problems faced by the NHS in an open and transparent way.

We constantly seek to evolve our solution by listening, adapting and building our open platform to better meet NHS and patient needs through a partnership approach.

We aim to simplify ease of use and access to services by placing design thinking at the heart of everything we do and believe strongly that effective localisation and system configuration is crucial to optimise NHS resources.

We are committed to transforming the patients’ and clinicians’ experience within primary care in the NHS and would love for you to join us on this journey.

What makes us different?


We place close collaboration with customers at the heart of how we work so as to best understand the problems they face and identify the best way for us to help solve them on their journey to improved service delivery


We constantly seek to evolve and build our open platform to better meet NHS service and patient needs by listening closely to our customers current and future needs


We aim to optimise NHS and care services through our flexible platform to effectively customise and connect all relevant local resources to make access to care faster and easier for patients


We seek to simplify by making solutions that are easy-to-use and work seamlessly with existing systems

We ensure this through our proven approach.

Our team

We work in an open, transparent and supportive way to best meet our customers’ needs.


Lead Product Designer


Executive Director


Managing Director


Head of Mobilisation & Services


Senior Developer




Management Support


Change Analyst


Product Owner


Head of Delivery


QA Analyst


Development Lead




Onboarding Support Analyst

Our Partners

In additions to our NHS clients, we work closely with NHS England, NHS Digital and NHSX to ensure ongoing alignment and adherence to key NHS national guidelines.

We deliver NHS branded solutions powered by our Patient Pack online consultation platform.

We partner with all the key primary care patient record providers to ensure effective patient data integration and access for patient and clinicians.

Looking to make access to healthcare easier?