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At Substrakt Health, our goal is to simplify patient access to better care by enabling transformation in delivery to primary care services across the NHS. We were born out of the NHS in order to create and deliver a highly configurable, user-centered online consultation platform to support new primary care service models.

A digital technology team with expertise in creating configurable and easy to use websites and applications to deliver an effective online consultation platform for the NHS.

What we do

We make it easy and convenient for patients to access the right health care at the right time through a focus on collaborative working and localisation of our platform with NHS partners.

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Introducing CareHome

CareHome is our single online consultation platform to improve access to primary care for residents in care homes.

The solution has been proven to help solve the increasing challenges facing GP surgeries to deliver care to residents in care homes by harnessing digital health technology.

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Patient Pack is our online 24/7 patient-facing solution that supports effective service transformation and enables patients easy access to healthcare support in their area.

  • Navigates the patient to appropriate healthcare resource based on their need
  • Enables fast and convenient access to appointments, repeat prescriptions, test results and their personal health record
  • Supports effective two-way messaging via app and SMS
  • Provides remote video consultation capability
  • Empowers patients to better manage their health for themselves

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